Site under construction (November 2017), but there’s already some stuff under the menu headings; feel free to have a look around.

I’m a part-time writer with 3 (nearly 4) books out already (Amazon page here). I like science-fiction, steampunk, fantasy, alternative history, and (traditional) horror more or less in that order. My fourth book, Thalassa: Aqua Incognita, is the sequel to Thalassa – the world beneath the waves, and should be out in late 2017 (fingers well and truly crossed).

If you’re after sample chapters of my books, you can download them in PDF format from the individual pages above, or visit FictionPress.com: Race the Red Horizon, Thalassa – the world beneath the waves, or The Outlaws of Kratzenfels. The books are available in paperback, for Kindle, and via Kindle Unlimited.

I also have some short-stories online – you can find these too on FictionPress.com.

I’ve decided against the time and hassle of moderating comments on a blog here. Instead, I’ll continue to host my blog on Goodreads. Looking is open to anyone: sign up to comment.