cover image of Thalassa WBTWThis is the page for my books Thalassa – the world beneath the waves (2016) and Thalassa: Aqua Incognita (forthcoming late 2017).

Moanna Morgan had never seen the sky. No-one from the Tethys Colonies had, not for a thousand years. Not since the Old Earth died and the world of Thalassa was born, a new world beneath the waves…

Submarines sank all the time out in aqua incognita, beyond the Federation Frontier, and Moanna’s brother had been dead for nearly a year.

But was the wreck that was found really his? And if not, where did he go, and who would fake it?

A chance discovery sends Moanna on a journey into the unknown, where she comes face to face with a secret that has been hidden for all the ages of Thalassa, and unleashes a threat that could destroy everything she knows…

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Header image: Not Tethys, but the Hydrolab in the Bahamas, a precursor to the underwater settlements that saved humanity (By Ariel Roth (Ariel Roth – Hydrolab occupant) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)