The Tethys Trilogy

Thalassa WBTW CoverThis is the page for the Tethys Trilogy: Book 1 Thalassa – the world beneath the waves (2016) and book 2 Thalassa: Aqua Incognita (2017).


The Tethys Trilogy is set a thousand years after the end of the Old Earth. A global apocalypse, triggered by the tectonic convulsions as billions of tons of ice melted from Antarctica, has flooded so much of the old landmass that even the name ‘Earth’ is no longer appropriate. What land remains is poisoned and uninhabitable. A new age has dawned: the age of Thalassa (read more about the setting here).

The story follows a young girl, Moanna Morgan, who lives in an undersea city (a Colony) north of the Frontier to the Tethys Federation. What begins as a quest to discover the true fate of her brother, supposedly killed in a submarine accident in the empty waters of aqua incognita, becomes an adventure beyond the unknown: through the myths of the Tethyan past, into a new and unimagined future. For Moanna and the people of the Tethys Federation, that future may not last very long…

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Header image: Not Tethys, but the Hydrolab in the Bahamas, a precursor to the underwater settlements that saved humanity (By Ariel Roth (Ariel Roth – Hydrolab occupant) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)