The Outlaws of Kratzenfels

This is the page of my book The Outlaws of Kratzenfels (2017).

The Kingdom of Kratzenfels has fallen.

King Sigmund is dead, and the Order of the Iron Knights has won the war of machines against magic. War-walkers and spider-wights roam the land, spreading terror wherever they go.

The Count von Falkenhorst, the leader of the Iron Knights, needs one thing to make his victory complete: the hand of the Princess Helda in marriage. But Helda, daughter of King Sigmund and the witch-queen Raggana, is no ordinary princess…

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The Outlaws of Kratzenfels-FINAL-PREVIEW

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Header image: Austria, not Kratzenfels, Salzburg, not Krasny Karlsbad, but you get the idea (photo by Gerhard mauracher (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons), URL: